Monday, April 9, 2012


The word "horsefeathers" is "Used to express disagreement, disbelief, or frustration." It is a way of calling nonsense. The stronger "bullshit" also means nonsense but implies that the promulgator of the BS is speaking to you "without truth-relevant motivation."

I would submit a new word to the lexicon: dinofeathers. It means "I may concede the fact is correct but I am not happy about it, usually on grounds of personal aesthetics."

Big, scaly thunder lizard chasing you down? This is metal as fuck.

This is Priscilla, Queen of the Jurassic.

Warm-blooded makes them faster and deadlier. Awesome. Erect tails act as counterbalance, helps them run faster. Terrifying. Add feathers to nature's perfect killing machine and what do you get? 

The dinosaurs of my childhood don't wear drag! George Lucas must have a long-lost brother and he went into paleontology.

Yeah, yeah. I know they're probably right on this one. T-rex looks like a giant, angry chicken. They've got the fossil evidence. Now you'll go and tell me why we can't have jetpacks, flying cars and combat mecha. Aw, dinofeathers. 


  1. I have to say that it's an interesting word for something many feel that scientific accuracy on a particular genre or story would lessen the overall appeal of the subject at hand (even if that "overall appeal" is the ever sinful "Mass Market"). Might start using it after a while.